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90-minute float       $45* 

*Fellow Veterans receive $5 off

4-pack of floats       $140   

You can share them, or keep them all to yourself,

but please use within 4 months.


Here are the details~

On the day of your float, show up at your appointment time -- no need to arrive any earlier.  We'll take a few minutes to run through how it works, and you'll pay for your float, present your gift certificate, or apply your discount at that time.  We accept cash, Venmo, and credit/debit cards (**Square fee applied to cards**).

The only thing you'll need to bring is a hairbrush for afterward, if you'd like. 

We have towels, shampoo, and such.  

Plan to have a light snack before your float so you're not listening to your stomach digest a large meal or growl from hunger.

Limit your caffeine intake beforehand, simply because it could interfere with your ability to relax.

Avoid shaving 2-3 hours prior.  Epsom salt can sting fresh nicks and scrapes.

You'll shower here beforehand to wash away any hair & body products, deodorant, and natural oils.

Then, enjoy your float!  We give you 90 minutes of float time (sometimes more), yet you're always able to leave sooner if needed.

Afterward, you'll shower again to rinse off the Epsom salt. 

Plan to be here for about 2 hours.

Gift certificates available.

Contact us at (208) 440-1430 for info, gift certificates, and scheduling.


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