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A First Time Floater's Experience

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When I floated, all these thoughts and ideas flooded into my head.  Ever since that day, I've felt zeroed-in and my focus has been like a laser.  All that stuff I thought about in the tank has fallen into place and is working itself out.  The last peice of the puzzle should happen today.  I might need to get back in the tank soon!

~Calvin, Boise



I scheduled a Veterans day float for my girlfriend and she loved it! From the moment i talked to you on the phone, i knew this place was going to be amazing! Not only did my girlfriend feel soo welcome, she couldnt stop talking about how amazing the whole process was. She has definitely talked me into doing it and has already said she is going to go back again. Thank you for everything!!

~Stacy, Boise



If you're thinking of getting your Float on Reflections is an amazing spot! I paid almost half the price I would have at Stillwater Float Center, which is also a great spot, but Reflections has the very same experience. I loved it! The owner, Beth, is very warm, friendly and professional. I'll be going back.

~Jimi, Boise



Beth is amazing! She made me feel completely comfortable and the experience was all around great! I'm 24 weeks pregnant and my baby was kicking a lot at first then everything just settled and I fell asleep. I felt so relaxed after. It was a great experience! (Also I love the shampoo dispenser in the shower!)

~Lindsey, Boise



I'll be totally honest, at first I was very skeptical trying this! But after the process was all done, I felt really good. I went in with back pain & felt a lot of stress on my shoulders. I felt great afterwards! I highly recommend it & I'm DEFINITELY coming back soon! What an amazing experience!

Thank you so much Beth!

~Daniel, Boise



I just came from one of the most relaxing experiences in my life! Beth will attest that I am probably one of her most anxiety ridden clients she has ever had.....but through her calming presence, I was able to say YES to float!!! At some magical moment, I realized that I was in a very serene and tranquil everything in my head had left....and I was breathing evenly and quietly....that is not me in my normal state. I have home a few hours now, and I am in a very mellow mode... can't help smiling! And my back feels so awesome!!! I am ready to book again for next weekend! Thank you so much Beth!....and Genesis for the great share you posted on your FB page!

~ Rubyanne, Boise



Wow, what an amazing experience!!! Great atmosphere and very friendly people. I don't think Iv'e ever relaxed so deeply. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. The prices are very reasonable and I got a great deal with the October special.

~Travis, Boise



Oh my gosh!! This is the best type of therapy. The spa quality is amazing and Beth makes you feel so comfortable through the whole process! The stress of everyday life has left me foggy lately and I needed some pampering...this was definitely the way to go...I haven't had this much clarity in a while!! Thanks, Beth, for an exceptional experience. I'm telling everyone I know and will come visit again very soon!!

~Ashley, Boise



Not only was the float amazing but the environment was welcoming and peaceful. I can hardly wait for my family to try.

~ Tina, Boise



I had my first float last week!
I am a full time caregiver. My life is very stressful and I find it impossible to relax – believe me I have tried just about everything. I only recently learned about floatation tanks and, to be honest, I was skeptical that it would work for me. I do not like water, humidity, or enclosed spaces. But I figured I do things everyday that I am uncomfortable doing, so I might as well try something that could help me relax. It did take me about 20 minutes to get used to the idea of floating once I got into the tank, but I was hooked before my session ended. It calmed my mind more than any other therapy I have tried.
If you have been wondering about floating, or if you are just looking for a way to relax, you have to try it! I already have my next float scheduled!

~ Ruthann, Nampa



I am an avid floater. Stopped counting around 300 floats, but it should be somewhere around 400 now. Reflections is perfect. They have a Samadhi (my favorite tank), the atmosphere is positive and inviting, Cary and Beth are warm hosts, and coming back to reality in their presence only continues the positive experience of the float. Thank you for providing float therapy and being so wonderful. I will be back for sure.

~ Caleb, Nampa



Going to flow at reflections was a fantastic choice! I had one of the best experiences and I definitely will be going back soon!

~ Kelsey, Nampa



This was a great opportunity that I recommend to anyone and everyone.
I didn't know what I was getting myself into at first..but I was more than please with my experience.
I have chronic back pain and haven't had relief in a long time and this helped immensely. I was surprised at how relaxing it was.
You are in a calming environment and you can feel at peace while rejuvenating your mind and body, its seriously one of my new favorite things and I will be back!
You're definitely missing out if you haven't tried it, and its a good deal so why not give it a try? :)

~ Janaya, Boise



This was a great experience! Definitely going to be going back. Lying there weightless is the coolest thing ever and mite relaxing than anything I've ever done before. A must for anyone! Give it a try one and you will not be disappointed -  I promise!

~ Jeff, Boise



Thank you, Beth for making my first experience with a float tank a really great one! I am 8.5 months pregnant with twins and am really feeling the forces of gravity lately. The float was very relaxing, but my favorite part was the weight being taken off of my belly. I would always recommend that pregnant women check with their doctors before deciding what is best for their pregnancy, but for me it was absolutely wonderful! What a treat.

~ Jamie, Boise



Leo, our 13 y/o son, called me as I was leaving work yesterday.
"Mom, I'm getting in the float tank, so that's where I'll be when you get home.", he said.
He was in there for about an hour and a half! When he got out he couldn't stop smiling, and he said, "I'm just, I'm just relaxed."
He said it took him a little bit of time to relax (as it does for most peopole), but then he fell asleep (as many people do). I'm so glad he had such a great experience! He said he definitely recommends floating to relax.
Thanks for the endorsement, Leo!

~ Beth, Owner of Reflections Float Center, Boise

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