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What is a Floatation Tank? 


It's like a big, enclosed bathtub full of warm water that's so dense with dissolved Epsom salt that it floats you -- even if you normally sink.  


The design of the float tank helps minimize all the sensations you are used to receiving outside of it.  Step into 10-inches of water that's been saturated with 800 lbs. of USP grade Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) and warmed to body-surface temperature.  Lie back and relax in the dark, quiet, zero-gravity environment, which will help you relax at a deeper level than you have ever experienced.


For a little while, forget about the chaos of our modern world that is constantly bombarding your senses, and allow your body and mind to completely reset. 



"But, I'm claustrophobic!  I can't do it!"

That's a fear we hear all the time.  The fact is, the tank is much larger in person than you probably realize.  As long as you're under 6'8", or so, you should have plenty of room to stretch out, and when you're lying down you won't even be able to reach the ceiling of the tank.


The lightweight door does not latch or lock.  You can even keep it propped open during your float (although that will allow the heat to escape).  


You are in complete control of your float and can leave the tank at any time.





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